Central Lab Services

Comprehensive range of central laboratory services

Central Labs

At Frontage, we offer a wide range of central laboratory services. We provide a comprehensive range of laboratory testing, histology and pathology services, sample management and global distribution.

Routine Laboratory Testing 

  • General Chemistry​
  • General Immunoassay​
  • Allergen​
  • Autoimmune​
  • Infectious Disease​
  • Hematology​
  • Urinalysis​
  • Coagulation​
  • Flow Cytometry​

Histology and Pathology 

Biorepository Service

Logistics​ and Product Management

  • Protocol Analysis​
  • Lab Manual Creation
  • E-Manifest
  • Generation of Labels
  • Kit design and Distribution​
  • Kits and Labels Packets to Clinical Trial Sites
  • Specimen Tracking and Sample Tracker Sheet to be shared with Client real time
  • Participating in Kick off Meetings
  • Providing Clinical Trial Site SIV Training
  • Kits Re-ordering
  • Tracking of kits and inventory supplies
  • Problem Reconciliation
  • Sample Management​
  • Data Management