Laboratory Testing

Meeting your quality and capacity requirements

Routine Laboratory Testing

Our central lab team provides a variety of routine laboratory testing services. Our team uses state of the art instrumentation to ensure we can meet your quality and capacity requirements.

Testing Services

  • Hematology​
  • Urinalysis​
  • Infectious Disease
  • Allergens​
  • Chemistry​
  • Immunology​
  • Therapeutic drug monitoring
  • Drug abuse screening
  • Coagulation
  • Clinical Flow Cytometry​
  • Histology​/Pathology
  • Special Stains​
  • Multiplex IHC​

Key Instrumentation

Phase PA Instruments
General Chemistry* 1 Roche Cobas 8000
General Immunoassay* 1
Allergen* 1 Thermo-Fisher Phadia 250
Autoimmune* 2 Bio-Rad Bioplex 2200
Infectious Disease* 1
Hematology 1 Sysmex XN-9100-201
Slidemaker/Stainer 1 Sysmex XN-9100-201
Urinalysis 1 Clinitek Novus
Urine Microscopic 1 Sysmex UN-20
Coagulation 1 Stago STAR Max
Flow Cytometry 3 Beckman Coulter Navios EX